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A Firebell In The Night: Blank Roster

Included via the link below, is a Blank Roster sheet for use in A Firebell in The Night.

The file is in Word.doc for easy print out and fill in the blanks for your scenario.

Fill in the Command with their leadership values, then note the strength of each brigade and X Out the values above that number.   (Example Gen. Pickett leads 2200 men, X out the #25,#24,#23)  Artillery is factored at 2 Strength points per tube, so a battery of 6 guns would have a total strength of 12.   Finally, for both troops and artillery list their experience level (example Gen. Pickett’s Brigade is at Crack status).

Over 1,000 General’s have their Command ratings listed within the rule book.

To review a completed roster, please look at the posting for Sample Rosters.


A Firebell In The Night: Roster Samples

This is a sample of what the Federal Roster Sheet for Gettysburg would look like:

The document is in Microsoft word, click on the link to download the file.  The Roster is used in the game to track loss in manpower, efficiency points, and ammunition.   With no markers on the game table, the look is clean and with the Unit information not known by looking at the game table, fog of war increases.   The game master can also add historical information onto the roster to give period details.

Gettysburg Union I Corps-I Division Tracker Sample


This is a sample of what the Confederate roster for Shiloh would look like:  This sheet is for a Division within the army, Flag images can be added for color also period pictures of the leading generals.

Shiloh Southern Player Sample Roster