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New Material

Greetings, The blog has had a long pause due to family issues and the pending release of the .PDF version of the Firebell rules.    With the recent publication of the .PDF available from, I will be posting a large collection of gaming information.

Rebel rail gun

General Johnston inspection of the Gun mounted on Rail during the Spring of 1862.                   15mm Custom model by Dale Wood.

Two scenarios will be added very soon –  the Battle of Glendale (Frayer’s Farm) and Bull Run I.

GlendaleCover page for the Frayser’s Farm, or Glendale Battle during the Seven Days action.

Glendale Roster

Sample of one of the Roster Sheets used by the Union Army to track loses.

I have a number of issues that I believed were of value in improving the quality of the game that were not included.   As I work thru these emails I will be posting for gamers to review and use as needed.    Thanks, John