My Corps General is Superman!

In the post on the evolution of the Command system in Firebell, our focus was with the gamer/player leading as the General of a Division.   Our solution for the role of the General of the Corps was to provide help, yet to put a historical brake onto the game table.   Decisions will have to be made, the General of the Corps can not assist everyone, all the time, limits exist.

With the list of options that the “gamer” can make for decisions, the day will happen quickly and the debate can be heard “they could do more than one thing!”   True, very true.
This question could be answered before it is asked – lets ride along to see the action.
“The General of the Corps was surrounded by Aides, the quartermaster was reporting in on the status of the Artillery trains that had been slow on the march.   Messengers had arrived from the nearby Corps to deliver information on the coordination of their mutual flanks.   As the Divisional Generals lead their formations into position, a steady stream of riders could be seen reporting in on their situation as the battle developed, within this Chaos the Army’s General had sent a currier to secure a ‘full report’, there wasn’t enough time in the moment.
As the Corps leader conducted the discussions, he looked about, his eye was on the General of the 1st Division, he was the weakest within his command team and his deployment needed to be addressed.  The Brigade that had led the Corps into action was off to his flank with the officers desperate to rally the men that would be needed in the hour ahead.  On the other flank was the artillery reserve waiting to be ordered into position for fire support, they should already be moving into position.   His thoughts flashed back to the last action-their last battle, in a desperate moment he had left his Corps position to order one of his Brigades into a counter attack, it was risky but had saved the day.   His mind was racing….”

The shell of a enemy battery exploded nearby, it disrupted the HQ group discussion but for the Veteran General it was time for a decision, an order was yelled….

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