Review in Miniature Wargames #363

Review by Paul D. Stevenson in issue #363, Paul is well known for his Civil War Scenarios –        1/2 of review used due to copyright.  –

“The rules come in an A4 softback cover with 54 glossy pages, some in color.  Of this total, ten pages feature the Battle of Seven Pines and twenty pages are given over to rating every commander (over 1,000) in the Civil War.”

“There is no index, but the rules are nicely laid out and easy to follow.  The illustrations are from Battles and Leaders…”  (There is an index/ the Table of Contents is just before page 1 of text)

“Also included is a glossy card playsheet and five A4 sheets enabling the gamer to cut out 50 ‘crisis cards’ which are drawn during play to cover random events that might influence the battle.  Some preparation is needed to play and records are kept of a unit’s supply status, ‘diminishing’ brigade strength and fluctuating battle efficiency – not to onerous. ”

“I do like the way skirmishers have been accounted for in assessing casualties – they are represented in the abstract, but when battle lines get to close quarter, their presence as a screen is removed with an inevitable increase in casualties.  Command functions have a part to play and the commanders have characteristics and a radius of influence.  They can be hit, too – though (inferior) replacements can be made.”

“If the title seems a little obscure, the rules seem pretty much spot on in presenting a good simulation of large scale ACW conflict and is represent an alternative to the popular Fire and Fury set, also aimed at brigade level.”

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