Union Leadership losses at Antietam

Union Leadership at Antietam, the bloodest day, a firestorm if there was one.

Profile for the day.  6 Corps leading 15 Divisions during the battle – 21 command bases —
Two Corps Generals were hit out of the Four in heavy action, Mansfield, shot by rifle fire and killed, Hooker shot and out of action.
    So what happened with Mansfield, this was his first major action, had been promoted with only coastal small actions, back water, this was his first real fight, GREEN yet leading a Corps.   As his Corps moved toward the battle, they moved into the East Woods,with firing heard ahead, HE MOVED TO THE FRONT THINKING IT WAS HOOKERS I CORPS MEN, to tell his men it was Union  fire.   It was Southern Rebels hidden in the Corn field, opened up, first volley.   EXAMPLE OF SURPRISE FIRE, HIDDEN UNIT. A weak Corps at the front..
In the Firebell system, Crisis Cards are drawn, with Gen. Mansfield a weak leader dealing with visibility in the woods, he is up close working to maintain Command, within the fire zone.
   Gen. Hooker was shot in the foot with rifle fire, he was forced to leave the field due to blood loss.   No other Corps Generals were hit.
Three Division Generals were hit and out of action.
   Gen. French leading his division close up behind his brigades, action was hot, he is there directing units, has two horses shot out from under him, the second not so good as he can not get out of the saddle quick enough and the horse lands on him, he is out of service for over a year, but returns in 1864.
  Richardson, Michigan’s own!  Richardson is at the Bloody Angle, it is a blood bath for his division, he is in the rear, but at an Artillery Battery directing fire onto the Confederate guns behind the sunken lane, out in the Piper Farm.   Shell-Case fire hits close, the bullets from the shell hit Richardson and he dies.
In the Firebell system a Crisis Card can cause this if close to a battery under fire.
  Gen. Rodman in Burnside’s Corps late in the day as the Union pushed to edge of Sharpsburg they are hit in the flank by the surprise arrival of A.P. Hill’s rebels.  Rodman is at the front to redirect his men, in the fire zone and is hit by “Sharpshooter” fire (Skirmish?).
  Gen. Sedgwick was hit by small arms fire many times but was able to stay in the field.
In game terms, his Brigades are under heavy attack, crisis cards are being drawn but Sedgwick isn’t hit.
Command results for the Union on this bloody day.

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